consciously crafted clothing

consciously crafted clothing


Manan's quiet philosophy is filled with joie de vivre. It prevails in the sense of joy for small luxuries, relaxed routines and gentle everyday moments. Manan is Hindi for 'to meditate', and inspires our aim to 'eliminate excess', as condensed in the words of Zen Philosophy, "Wisdom is letting go of something every day". Friends Madhavi Ganeriwalla, and Sioned Emerys started Manan two decades ago, with a desire to bring a curation of handcrafted season-less wardrobe staples to the Indian market. Manan's first collection was an extension of our founders' personal style, designed for those who, like them, were seeking modest luxuries. Our Khan Market store has always been a haven for like-minded individuals for over 20 years. A kindred place for people to share their fondness for natural handwoven linen, relaxed silhouettes, and intricate embroidery techniques. At Manan, we make clothes for discerning women, who are looking for comfort-first silhouettes that are gentle to wear and kind to the environment. Our take on sustainability is that buying better is the key to buying less.For 20 years, we have focused on designing classic pieces of clothing that will stand the test of time. Explore our world of consciously crafted clothing here.

"Manan's designs have longevity and can be re-worn and re-invented endlessly. These are timeless perennials that you will find yourself reaching out for time and time again."

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At Manan, we want to help you build a wardrobe that sparks joy every time. Our softened creations have a quiet presence that is a celebration of every day.The graceful lines and contemporary shapes elevate comfort and present to you your everyday uniform.

Impeccable tailoring ensures that each design-from our diaphanous linen shirts to cotton ijars-fits into your closet effortlessly. Our curation of textured shirts, weightless kurtas, and relaxed trousers in pastel-inspired colours and subdued details are exceptionally comfortable.

Manan’s designs have longevity and can be re-worn and re-invented endlessly. Made to be worn time and time again, sometimes as they are and then together with your wardrobe favourites. You can style our designs in unique ways, choosing to layer your Manan favourites into one look, and giving a new life to your favourite styles in your own ways as you grow to love them in the coming years.

We want you to continue wearing and cherishing your Manan pieces years from now and finding joy in leasing them a new life. Discover your forever pieces here.

"Impeccable tailoring ensures that each design fits into your closet effortlessly. Mindfully crafted and ethically produced to be in your forever wardrobes"

embrace delicately detailed daywear

Madhavi and Sioned wanted to introduce articles of clothing that were timeless yet comfortable, inspired by the adage: Less is more.

Designed to be worn daily, our garments are expressive, elegant, and easy to wear. With a spirited play of form, texture, and balance, they will offer a timeless appeal for a sustainable life span. Celebrating the beauty of subtle forms, natural tints, and refined ornamentations, they are crafted in natural fabric for the ultimate comfort.

At Manan, you will find a selection of comfort wear, from gauzy linens in refreshing hues to cool summer silks and elegant cotton styles. Each garment is immaculately tailored in premium fabrics, with gentle ornamentations and dainty details. These are timeless perennials that you will find yourself reaching out for time and time again.

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"We have always loved to combine time-honoured craft traditions with gentle tailoring to create exquisite pieces that will stand the test of time."

Celebrate handcrafted traditions

The wealth of India’s vibrant arts and crafts has allured travellers for centuries now. Seeking inspiration in these artisanal crafts, our spirited pieces are a celebration of hand-loomed fabrics and hand embellishment traditions. This combination of handicraft and exceptional attention to detail elevates our everyday clothing to something that will continue to delight you.

Our long-established textile and fashion studio is situated in Okhla in the heart of Delhi. Here, our team of designers, artisans and tailors work together to bring Manan’s vision to life. Our design process is driven by a desire to craft conscious clothing in imaginative and beautiful ways. We always concentrate on quality over quantity, designing only limited pieces every season. Our designs are thoughtfully tailored to be in your forever wardrobes. We also have a team of highly skilled artisans that sustain our focus on luxury, quality and craftsmanship. The exquisite detail in stitch and cut is made possible by our master tailors, who use time-honoured techniques and our own innovations to craft one of a kind pieces.

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