Fabric Stories: Silk and Linen Pieces by Manan

Manan blends natural materials like silk and linen outfit to create a range of clothing meant for everyday wear and special occasions alike. Women’s Linen Dresses feature both flowing silhouettes and tailored designs, combining luxurious silk with the earthiness of linen for truly versatile pieces. Tops and shirts offer a blend of sophistication and comfort, transitioning effortlessly from day to night. For effortless dressing, our linen kurtas and co-ord sets make for timeless ensembles with a modern twist. Pants and trousers in varying styles from cropped to flared offer style and comfort. Jackets and dupattas add final touches to any outfit, whether for a formal event or a casual outing. Our most loved collections like Afra, Zaha, Raya, Fara, Perennials, and more cater to festive celebrations, sit-down dinners, relaxed drinks, resort getaways, brunch outings, travel comfort, work sophistication, and casual coffee meetups – right for every moment that matters to you.

Fabric Fusion:

Across all our offerings at Manan – Dresses, Tops & Shirts, Kurtas, Co-Ords, Kurta Sets, Bottoms, Jackets, and Dupattas – Our fusion of handwoven fabrics take centre stage. Whether it's women dresses in a delicate blend of silk and linen, or the everyday charm of Tops & Shirts, each piece is a product of quality craftsmanship. Kurtas and Kurta Sets are the choice for traditional days, while co-ords and bottoms offer ease of movement, enriched with the luxurious feel of premium silk and linen.

By Collection

Afra - Heirloom Silk: Embracing Heritage

Manan's Afra collection is a true tribute to our commitment to heritage techniques done by hand. Each ensemble captures the essence of a time gone by, an ode to timeless tradition through modern-day pieces. Every piece is meticulously crafted with shimmering silk, fine linen and hand embroidery using threads and beads. Heirloom silk is fine, everlasting, and has a subtle sheen that catches the light as you move.

Zaha - Stories Told In Weaves: A Cultural Narrative

Manan Zaha Collection intricately blends cultural narratives with artistic expression. Each outfit acts as a canvas, weaving together tradition and innovation, merging Manan’s signature linen with a metallic zari weave in panels, patches and borders. Beads and threads are used to create textural details, all in silhouettes that are Indian yet undeniably contemporary.

Raya - Borders & Botanicals: Natural Splendor

The Raya collection celebrates the beauty of nature through delicate borders and botanical motifs. Soft handmade floral prints work in a beautiful balance of contrasting styles against pastel stripes. Each Raya outfit is made with meticulous attention to detail, with pleated panels, asymmetric placements, ombre colours, buttons and contrasting threads. Silhouettes are fuss-free, for everyday wardrobes.

Fara: Timeless Charisma

Manan's Fara collection is timeless in its simplicity and elegance. Each ensemble transcends fleeting trends, crafted with clean silhouettes and in softest peach and yellow tones. A smattering of hand embroidery in a tone-on-tone effect adds the subtlest finish. Designed for light, everyday wear and special occasions alike, the Fara collection epitomises sophisticated style, offering wearers a sense of perpetual charm and grace.

Perennials: Graceful Versatility

Manan's Perennials collection is versatile in the truest sense. Made entirely from 100% pure linen, Perennials offer ensembles that blend fluidity with versatility. Linen, known for its breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and durability, makes these pieces perfect for everyday wear on the Indian subcontinent (and warm weather travel anywhere in the world). The collection stands as a testament to adaptable clothing, offering clothing that works for diverse styles and occasions. Available year-round, the Perennials line integrates linen into people's everyday wardrobes.

Jamdani Linen: Crafted Sophistication

Manan's Jamdani Linen collection for women features the ancient technique of Jamdani weaving from West Bengal. Each piece in this collection has meticulous artistry and finesse, offering classic yet modern silhouettes with simple cuts. Jamdani technique breathes life into every outfit, through little details and pops of colour. The palette of the collection is timeless ivory with hints of pastel and bursts of blue. The sturdiness of linen, resistant to high temperatures and moisture, ensures durability and comfort in any climate – a harmonious blend of craftsmanship, comfort, and timeless style.

By Category:

One-piece wonder: Dresses

Dresses crafted from a blend of linen and silk embody the perfect fusion of natural materials, offering a multitude of benefits for both the skin and the environment. This harmonious blend ensures breathability and comfort, making it suitable for wear in all types of weather conditions. From casual everyday wear to dressier occasions, these linen dresses seamlessly transition between different settings owing to their inherent versatility. Moreover, linen and silk are known for their durability, guaranteeing long-lasting pieces that retain their quality over time. At the end of their lifecycle, these fabrics return to nature, highlighting their sustainability. Handwoven with meticulous care, each casual dress accentuates the innate beauty of the materials, while the silhouettes, characterised by simplicity, airiness, and lightweight construction, pay homage to the fabric, with a timeless and elegant appeal.

Wardrobe essentials: Tops & Shirts

The tops and shirts in our collections combine sophistication with comfort, featuring the refinement of silk and the earthiness of linen. Adding to our handmade weaving techniques that incorporate stripes, checks and a range of motifs, linen infuses its own innate breathability and enhances comfort of wear. These women's linen tops and shirts are the right choice for those who value both quality and ease for everyday wear.

Tradition never gets old: Kurtas

Kurtas crafted from a blend of linen and silk offer a balance of comfort, elegance, and versatility. The combination of natural materials comes with a range of benefits – breathability, softness, durability. Ideal for various weather conditions, these linen kurtas for women ensure a comfort of wear experience with an air of subtle sophistication that can be dressed up or down. The simple silhouettes are elevated with tasteful embellishments – beads, buttons, prints, and embroidery, adding a unique character. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, these linen and silk kurtas offer a timeless appeal.

Perfect pair: Co-ords

Women’s linen Co-ord sets are a ready-made outfit solution that ensure quick dressing choices for a multitude of occasions. The blend of linen and silk brings together the best of both worlds, offering breathability, softness, and durability. The coordinated pieces in the set guarantee a cohesive and polished look without the hassle of mixing and matching separate garments. Whether for busy mornings or spontaneous outings, these linen and silk co-ord sets provide a versatile and chic wardrobe option that allows you to look put-together with minimal effort.

Stay timeless through the night: Kurta Sets

The women’s linen kurta sets epitomises elegance by intricately blending the plush feel of silk with the distinctive texture of linen. These ensembles honour heritage, showcasing the finesse of handmade craftsmanship and timelessness. Silk embodies opulence, while linen infuses its own texture and beauty – perfect for pairing with heirloom jewellery on the most special occasions, from weddings to festivals.

Spring in your step: Bottoms

Our range of linen Bottoms For women perfectly complements our tops and kurtas, but also your wardrobe favourites. Tailored trousers, cropped pants, and palazzos are fitted with drawstrings and elasticated details, enhancing both style and comfort for all day wear. Silk infuses plushness and sophistication into the pieces, while linen adds an organic feel.

Wrap yourself in style: Jackets

Our collection of linen jackets are crafted from a blend of natural linen and silk. From cropped jackets to blazers, overlays, and kimonos, these pieces serve as versatile wardrobe essentials, offering both structure and flow. These handy pieces can add a touch of sophistication to a casual ensemble, or elevate a formal look with ease. Beyond their fashion-forward appeal, jackets are perfect for transitional weather and day-to-night dressing. Our linen and silk blend jackets are a great investment for your year-long wardrobe.

Truly versatile: Dupattas

Introducing our exquisite collection of women’s linen dupattas, crafted from luxurious linen and silk, two natural materials renowned for their comfort against the skin. While traditionally a staple in Indian ensembles, our premium linen dupattas offer versatility beyond cultural attire. They can effortlessly double as wraps or scarves, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any outfit, be it ethnic or contemporary. Each dupatta in our collection is meticulously designed, with some featuring vibrant prints that exude a playful charm, while others showcase intricate hand-embroidery using threads and beads, adding a timeless and sophisticated touch. Whether draped gracefully over the shoulders or worn as a stylish accessory, our linen and silk dupattas are the perfect blend of luxury and versatility, elevating your look with every wear.

By Occassion :-

For joyous times

Kurtas remain the timeless choice for festive occasions among Indian women, thanks to their inherent grace and versatility. At Manan, we celebrate the enduring appeal of linen fabric kurtas by offering designs that are beautiful in their simplicity. Made from a blend of linen and silk, and in simple cuts that flatter every silhouette, they are designed to ensure comfort without compromising on style. Our stylish kurtas feature soft prints and delicate embellishments, adding a subtle touch of sophistication. Some styles incorporate metallic threads into the fabric weave, infusing a hint of shimmer. Whether you're attending a religious ceremony or a festive gathering, our women’s linen and silk kurtas are the epitome of traditional charm and modern refinement, ensuring you stand out at every occasion.

Getaways to remember

At Manan, our resort wear for women combines comfort and style to make every moment in them a cherished memory. Whether you're lounging by the pool, strolling along the beach, or exploring exotic locales, resort wear effortlessly captures the essence of laid-back luxury. Designed with relaxation in mind, resort wear embraces flowing silhouettes, lightweight fabrics, and effortless elegance, making it the perfect choice for your getaway. From breezy tops to stylish dresses, each piece is crafted to ensure maximum comfort as you bask in the sun and unwind in paradise.

Making moves

Introducing our linen work wear collection—where sharpness meets versatility, seamlessly transitioning from meetings to beyond. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece exudes sophistication and professionalism while ensuring unparalleled comfort. Whether you're navigating boardrooms or networking over coffee, our linen workwear strikes the perfect balance between polished style and functionality. With clean lines and timeless silhouettes, these garments elevate your professional wardrobe, effortlessly adapting to various work settings with ease. Embrace the sharpness of linen to upgrade your work wardrobe.

Of cocktails and clinking glasses

Discover the impact of linen clothing tailored for those laid-back moments at the bar or drinks with friends – clothes that exude a natural charm and make a statement without trying too hard. Whether you're enjoying cocktails with colleagues or catching up with old friends, our drinkware linen clothing for women ensures you look and feel effortlessly stylish. With breathable fabrics and understated designs, our collection proves that true style lies in embracing the effortless beauty of natural fabrics.

For sunny brunches and lazy lunches

Indulge in leisurely late mornings with our relaxed linen clothing collection for brunch outings. Made from breathable linen fabric, each piece is effortlessly sophisticated, ensuring you look and feel your best as you savour meals and conversations alike. From flowing dresses to relaxed tops and trousers, our linen clothing promises a relaxed fit and a timeless appeal that perfectly complements the relaxed ambiance of brunch.

Look good on the move

Experience the ultimate in travel comfort and style with our travel linen clothing collection. Designed for the modern traveller, our travel linen outfits offer a perfect balance of breathability, versatility, and sophistication. From lightweight tops and kurtas to easy-to-wear trousers, each piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail for complete comfort on your journeys. Embrace the freedom of movement and the relaxed elegance of linen as you explore new destinations and create unforgettable memories. Travel smart and in style with our linen clothing, your perfect companion for every adventure.

The perfect brew of style

Elevate your coffee rendezvous with the understated elegance of our women linen clothing collection. Whether it's a casual catch-up or a cosy coffee date, our tops, shirts, dresses, and pants will help you craft the perfect outfit as you savour every sip. From breezy tops to tailored shirts and versatile dresses to relaxed pants, our linen collection promises a perfect fit for any coffee occasion. Embrace the relaxed vibe of your favourite café with our linen attire, where comfort meets chic in every cup.