Elevate Your Everyday Style with Manan's Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets are an easy-to-wear wardrobe staple. Our co-ord sets are made in natural fabrics like linen, cotton, wool and silk and our pieces offer versatile, easy options to build a wardrobe for effortless style year-round. Perfectly matched separates from shirts to kurtas and pants or skirts seamlessly blend together while expressing your individual style. Whether dressing for work, travel or social events, Manan’s women co-ord sets make the perfect outfits to wear on busy days and lazy ones alike. Quality fabrics and attention to detail through hand embroidery, beads and buttons add character to everyday dressing.

Linen Co-ord Sets: Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Style

In every Manan linen co-ord set, craftsmanship takes center stage. The brand's commitment to quality and timeless elegance is evident in the careful selection of fabrics, precise tailoring, unique hand-embroidery, and thoughtful design of each ensemble. The diversity of styles, from earthy linen to metallic weaves and surface embellishment in mixed materials creates a variety of options for different occasions.

Charcoal Co-ords: Versatile Comfort for All Occasions

Crafted from premium fabrics like linen and cotton, charcoal-toned co-ords offer the perfect palette to build versatile, work-friendly ensembles. Whether adorned with subtle prints or left plain, these coordinated separates allow you to mix, match and layer to suit any occasion. Shirts, pants and skirts in complementary charcoal tones blend together seamlessly while maintaining a sense of individuality. Light enough for warm days and substantial enough for cooler evenings, Manan's charcoal co-ords guarantee chic comfort through the day. Their timeless tone makes them a wardrobe essential for seasons to come.

Hand-Embroidered Co-ords: Wearable Masterpieces

Manan's hand-embroidered co-ord sets are works of wearable art. Meticulous needlework by our skilled artisans imbues each piece with a unique character. Subtle yet striking patterns and playful pops of colour elevate these coordinated separates. The attention to detail and craftsmanship showcased in each women co-ord set is a testament to Manan's commitment to upholding India's rich textile traditions. Whether worn for work or leisure, these ensembles exude a refined sophistication. Through versatile silhouettes and minimal design sensibilities, our hand-embroidered co-ords are a modern homage to India's artistic heritage.

Winter Luxe: Luxurious Winter Co-ord Sets

Experience the epitome of winter elegance with Manan's Winter Co-ord Sets Crafted exclusively from premium wool, these sets redefine cold-weather fashion. Merging warmth and style seamlessly, each ensemble boasts meticulous tailoring, ensuring snug fits and luxurious comfort. Embrace the chilly months effortlessly with Manan's collection, where wool takes center stage, delivering unparalleled coziness and timeless sophistication. Elevate your winter wardrobe effortlessly with Manan's Wool co-ord set collection, where each piece exudes the essence of winter chic, allowing you to radiate confidence and charm throughout the colder months.

Silk Essence: Eri Silk Co-ord Sets

Discover pure sophistication with Manan's Eri Silk Co-ord Sets epitomizing opulence and refined style. Crafted meticulously from the finest silk, these sets redefine contemporary elegance. The impeccably designed ensembles effortlessly blend comfort and style, embodying the sheer grace of silk in every stitch. Each piece, tailored to perfection, harmonizes tops and bottoms to offer a silhouette that exudes sheer elegance. Elevate your wardrobe with this collection, where the allure of silk takes center stage, providing an unmatched sense of sophistication and timeless charm in every coordinated piece.

Jamdani Linen Co-ords: Breezy Sophistication

Manan's Jamdani linen co-ord sets embody effortless style. Woven using the traditional Jamdani technique that lends a delicate texture, these lightweight linen coordinates are perfect for warm weather. Whether as a relaxed shirt-and-pant set or a kurta-palazzo combination, the breezy separates blend comfort with sophistication. The subtle woven patterns imbue the contemporary silhouettes with a touch of cultural heritage. Ideal for getaways and casual days out, these coordinated ensembles reflect a relaxed yet refined sensibility. Manan's Jamdani linen co-ords exude effortless comfort.

Lavender Co-ords: A Soothing Palette for Your Everyday Wardrobe

Manan's lavender co-ord sets infuse your wardrobe with a sense of calm sophistication. Coordinated separates in the soothing hue of lavender flowers make for versatile pieces that can take you from day to dusk. Whether crisp cotton or fluid silk, the breathable fabrics combined with flattering silhouettes create ensembles that feel as good as they look. Subtly striking, these coordinated pieces are ideal for busy workdays and relaxed weekends alike. A timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Black Linen Co-Ord Set: Timeless Elegance in Monochrome

Manan's black linen co-ord sets showcase the timeless appeal of monochrome dressing. Crafted from premium black linen, our coordinated separates exude understated sophistication through clean silhouettes and a neutral palette. Whether worn together as stylish sets or mixed and matched as separates, these versatile pieces seamlessly transition from day to dusk. Light enough for warm days yet substantial enough for cooler evenings, the black linen fabric lends an air of relaxed polish. Ideal for modern professionals and jetsetters alike, Manan's black co-ords are a forever staple.

A Timeless Investment

Craftsmanship: Manan's stylish co-ord sets are a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship. From the precise cuts and finishes to the impeccable stitching, each piece reflects our dedication to fine detailing. Skilled artisans bring to life coordinated separates that are true works of wearable art.

Versatility: Whether worn together or mixed and matched, Manan's co-ords offer endless styling versatility. Their coordinated yet individualistic pieces seamlessly transition from casual daywear to formal events, allowing uncomplicated outfits for any occasion.

Comfort: Natural, breathable fabrics and flattering silhouettes combine comfort with thoughtful design and ease of movement.

Timeless Elegance: Anchored in simple yet impactful styles, Manan's co-ords for women exude enduring elegance. Their coordinated yet versatile separates reflect a consistent aesthetic that will never go out of fashion.