About Perennials

Perennials by Manan is a collection of comfortable and organic clothing that can be worn all year long. A classic fashion collection that comprises elevated basics, sophisticated pieces and streamlined outfits designed for versatility and longevity. Perennials by Manan builds the foundation of a timeless wardrobe collection with shirts, kurtas, dresses, skirts, pants and tops made of handcrafted linens.

The Inspiration

Timelessness: A concept so deeply rooted in style, it symbolizes essential clothing that is rare, heartfelt, exciting, attractive and resonates with generations after generations. Perennials by Manan is a manifestation of this very timeless fashion - comfortable and organic clothing that can be worn all year long. The collection isn’t just clothing with a strong appeal of its own, rather it is a testimony of perfect craftsmanship. The cuts, creases, construct and comfort of every piece at Manan is made with integrity and designed for longevity.

The Details

Perennials focuses on building a wardrobe best suited for every body type, filled with neutrals and has classic silhouettes. Not to forget the fabric, Handcrafted linen - a product of centuries of learning, adaption, innovation and invention. At Perennials by Manan we combine our passion, imagination and hard work to produce these fabric masterpieces. Available as kurta sets, dresses, co-ords, pants, jackets and shirts - the collection has everything that you need for your summer wardrobe. The fabric is breathable, the silhouettes are stylish and classic and the colors surely compliment!

Where to wear?

The entire Perennials by Manan collection is a treat for those who want to bring timelessness into their fashion and are ardent lovers of linen. The dresses and the Co-ord sets are perfect when stepping out for a brunch with friends or for an evening coffee. The pants and the kurta sets would make for excellent casual office wear and summer evening dates. Get your timeless fashion quotient right this season with our exclusive Perennials by Manan collection.