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Days In Manan

Our clothing traverses the line between daily and occasion wear, statement making and laid back, colourful and muted, detailed and simple. Days in Manan is our homage to the versatility and longevity of our pieces, so well made that you can live in them across time and seasons.

Welcome to Manan: Timeless Elegance and Sustainable Craftsmanship

For over 30 years, Manan Clothing has established itself as a leader in sustainable, ethically produced fashion. Founded in 1992 by Madhavi Ganeriwalla, the brand creates timeless, heirloom-quality pieces with a global resonance.

Central to Manan's identity are the principles of longevity, sustainability, and fine craftsmanship. We set out to redefine ready-to-wear through elevated fabrics and construction techniques. Each collection emphasises unique handwoven textiles developed through traditional methods.

This commitment to quality, heritage techniques and the environment is evident in every meticulously produced garment. Rather than fleeting trends, we focus on creating pieces meant to stand the test of time. Our philosophy emphasises that each product tells the story of generations of artisanal expertise.

Through sustainable practices and attention to detail, we produce clothing built to be passed down as family heirlooms. After over 30 years, our mission of craft-focused, ethically sourced fashion remains as relevant as ever.

Clothing With a Timeless Appeal

Manan clothing offers a range of versatile, high-quality collections for both women and men. Our designs seamlessly integrate into all aspects of modern life. The women's line celebrates diversity across different fabric-led collections, from heirloom silk to natural linen. Dresses, tops and shirts provide a variety to choose from, with airy silhouettes that keep the wearer comfortable through every possible occasion.

The men's collection prioritises versatility with options like linen kurtas, co-ords and separates that ensure the ease of matching pieces to suit your purpose.

Across all collections, Manan's designs emphasise enduring elegance through meticulous craftsmanship. Rather than transient trends, our focus lies in creating wardrobe staples built to last many years. This commitment to quality and heritage techniques has been at the crux of our brand for over three decades.

Manan offers the perfect choice for those seeking investment pieces with a sophisticated yet wearable style.

Sustainable Fashion Practices

Manan's commitment to sustainability is integrated throughout all aspects of the business. Our textile-led approach embeds sustainability into both aesthetic and operational dimensions of our products.

Our textiles are sourced from experienced artisans in various regions of India, such as Bihar, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Design and pattern development takes a bottom-up approach, where the inherent qualities and textures of each textile guide the creative process. Rather than imposing arbitrary trends, we let the materials inform the end products.

This philosophy supports artisanal preservation while ensuring our designs remain authentic to local craft heritage. It also streamlines the product development cycle in a way that is respectful of production capacities.

Signature linens that become softer with each wash, eri silk known for its texture and strength, and fabric blends featuring viscose made of wood pulp are a few examples of Manan's dedication to sustainability. Yarn-dyed fabrics ensure minimal usage of bleach and chemicals, resulting in soft, heather-like coloration that remains unchanged over time. The brand's fabrics not only speak to the richness of Indian weaving traditions but also embody the concept of a cyclical fashion lifecycle, eventually returning to the earth in a harmonious way.

The packaging, another facet of sustainability, is thoughtfully chosen to minimise environmental impact. Recycled paper boxes and corn starch-based paper for wrapping items are not just eco-friendly but also designed to leave behind minimal impact on the planet, reflecting Manan's commitment to delivering products while fostering a greener future.

Our Collections: Timeless, Versatile, Made with Care

At Manan, we offer womenswear, menswear, dupattas, and jewellery, all tied together by our philosophy of slow, contemplative design. Our clothing is crafted in natural hues, soft silhouettes, and handwoven fabrics that are especially created for each collection. From our kurta and co-ord sets to mix-and-match separates including shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets, and dupattas, every piece is designed to be versatile and timeless, allowing you to express your unique style through endless combinations.

Women's Collection:

The women's collections encompass a diverse range, from the opulence of "Afra - Heirloom Silk" to the narrative power of "Zaha - Stories Told In Weaves" and the botanical charm of "Raya - Borders & Botanicals." Categories like dresses, tops, kurtas, co-ords, kurta sets, bottoms, jackets, and dupattas cater to a variety of preferences.

Organised by occasions, women can find the perfect ensemble for festive celebrations, formal dinners, casual drinks, resort vacations, brunch outings, travel adventures, work days, or leisurely coffee dates.

Men's Collection:

For men, the brand offers two distinctive collections - "Perennials" and "Raya - Borders & Botanicals." "Perennials" celebrates classic styles, featuring impeccably tailored kurtas, shirts, pants, and coordinated sets suitable for festive occasions, casual drinks, or daily workwear. On the other hand, "Raya" draws inspiration from nature, presenting kurtas, shirts, and co-ords with botanical motifs, perfect for resort getaways, brunches, or travel adventures.

Our menswear lineup includes kurtas, shirts, pants, kurta sets, and co-ords, ensuring a comprehensive wardrobe for all sorts of days and occasions– festivities, drinks with the boys, impromptu getaways, work, and casual coffee meet-ups.

Manan's collections for both men and women blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities, offering timeless styles that celebrate individuality and invites wearers to build on their personal style.

Finishing touch: Handcrafted Jewellery

Jewellery by Manan showcases the raw, handmade beauty of semi-precious stones set on 18 karat gold-plated brass. Each piece is lightweight, versatile, and electroplated for a lasting finish. Inspired by nature, our jewellery is crafted to reflect your personal style, adding a special touch to every ensemble.

Artisans and Community

At the heart of Manan's creations are the artisans, or karigars, who infuse each piece with life and meaning. These storytellers are the backbone of the brand, preserving age-old traditions and skills passed down through generations. Our commitment to fair trade practices ensures that ourartisans receive fair wages and work in safe conditions.

We actively seek the input of our artisans and incorporating their expertise into our creative process. This collaborative environment honours the creators and also results in fabrics that embody the rich cultural tapestry of India. Additionally, Manan initiates skill development programs and workshops to contribute to the personal and professional growth of the artisans, fostering a blend of tradition and innovation.

Good Investments Last a Lifetime

From timeless elegance to sustainable practices, Manan stands for the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Join the Manan community, where every thread tells a story, and every creation is a step towards a more conscious world.

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