About Zaha

Zaha, our latest collection, is designed for festivities, celebrations, and more. The collection weaves together tradition, craftsmanship, and the enduring allure of handmade artistry. Here, modern-day elegance is enriched by rustic, nomadic-inspired textural beauty. At the heart of Zaha is the art of beadwork, where each piece boasts meticulous attention to detail, featuring a mosaic of vibrant beads, metal sequins, and brass buttons in various finishes. The uniquely handcrafted fabric for this collection fuses pure linen with metallic yarn, imparting the ensemble with a subtle sheen. The result is an effortlessly beautiful finish that celebrates the organic allure of handmade craftsmanship.

Details & Inspiration

At the heart of our festive wear collection lies the art of beadwork, a defining element of Zaha's identity. Inspired by the rich heritage of nomadic societies, we've meticulously incorporated mixed-material textured beadwork into our designs. This journey into craftsmanship reveals a tapestry of colorful beads, metal sequins, and brass buttons, each with its unique finish, adorning every piece. A closer look uncovers hidden embroidery and sequin work, discreetly nestled in corners, adding an enchanting layer of charm to our designs. In harmony with the collection's rustic theme, deliberately uneven bead sizes enhance its grounded, authentic aesthetics, encapsulating the essence of Zaha's festive wear.

Zaha's dedication to festive wear extends beyond mere style. Our collections are created to complement a diverse range of body types, offering classic silhouettes and innovative fabrics, with a special focus on handcrafted linen with metallic zari details. Offering kurta sets, dresses, co-ords, pants, jackets, and shirts, our collection caters to various occasions.

Versatile, wearable, timeless

Zaha's festive wear collection is made to be versatile, whether you're at a brunch with friends, an evening coffee date, a summer evening gathering, navigating a workday or attending festivities. Our hand-embroidered kurta sets and dresses infuse character into your everyday outings, while our co-ord sets and pants combine comfort and style for work and social events. Elevate your wardrobe for festivities and more with clothing that endures both in style and function.

Hand-Embroidered Kurta Sets: Blending Tradition & Modernity

Our signature kurtas are meticulously handcrafted from soft handloom linen, featuring metallic accents, a vibrant pop-colored selvedge, and hand-embroidery details in a banjara style. These exquisite kurtas showcase an array of multi-colored threads, intricate patterns, a rich palette of colors, and uneven beads, culminating in a masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship.

Comfort, Style and Softness - Linen Pants

Manan’s linen pants effortlessly blend comfort with style, embodying the perfect fusion of both. Crafted from breathable linen fabric, they provide a sense of comfort that allow you to effortlessly transition from casual to formal settings. Whether you prefer a relaxed fit for everyday activities or a sleek, tapered silhouette for a polished appearance, our linen pants exude an unmistakable elegance.

Metallic Co-ord Sets: Statement, Unique and Timeless

From special events to informing get togethers, our metallic co-ord sets are truly statement. These versatile outfits seamlessly blend festive elegance for special occasions with everyday chic for a perfect outfit any day of the week. With meticulous attention to detail and an inherent beauty from handmade natural fabrics, these sets transform each day into a celebration of style.

Linen Dresses: Flowing, Wearable and Versatile

Our linen dresses harmoniously combine classic cuts with contemporary flair, creating ensembles that celebrate both tradition and sophistication. Crafted from luxurious linen, these dresses not only exude style but also offer the exceptional comfort that linen is renowned for. Whether you lean towards classic silhouettes or modern designs, our Stylish linen dresses provide the ideal fusion of fashion and comfort for your discerning taste. Linen Dupattas: Graceful and Soft

Explore the softness of Manan’s handwoven linen dupattas and scarves elevating each outfit with an exquisite touch. These accessories are distinguished by their graceful flow and handmade softness, effortlessly elevating your ensemble. Ideal for pairing with a diverse range of outfits, they infuse style and sophistication into every look.

Zaha - Stories Told In Weaves

In Zaha, tradition gracefully intertwines with modernity, offering a collection that embodies the enduring beauty of beadwork and contemporary style. With a versatile palette, intricate details, and year-round wearability, Zaha is more than just clothing; it's a celebration of life's diverse moments.