Fabrics at Manan

Fabrics at Manan

Fabric is a quintessential part of clothing,
but here at Manan, our fabrics are about more than what is visible to the eye. They embody the spirit of what we do, and why we do it. Read on to know more about the different materials we work with.

All the fabrics used at Manan are made by hand on a loom.

This age-old technique requires several man-hours of concentration and precision, yielding a distinct yardage which bears the mark of its maker. Indeed, no handloom fabric is 'perfect' in the sense of the word; it is unique and we are proud to offer our customers the beauty of raw, handmade natural fabrics: linen, cotton, wool, eri silk and viscose.

Our artisans are based in craft clusters across the subcontinent Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Kashmir and have been the bedrock of our company for decades together. They are securely employed with fair wages, and bring our vision to life.

The luxurious summer fabric known for its breathability and durable nature, linen has a special place in our hearts

This material is made from the flax plant, where nearly all of the plant can be used, resulting in minimal wastage.

What's more, linen naturally occurs in multiple colours: white, grey. and tan. It is also naturally pest-resistant, therefore needing low use of chemicals in the growing process; and additionally, is completely biodegradable. Our linen fabric is dyed and then woven into our signature patterns, then turned into ultra-wearable clothing that is finished with hand-embroidered details. Linen becomes softer with each wash, so when you invest in a linen piece by Manan, you can come back to it again and again––moisture wicking and better every time.

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We are proud to use eri silk, also dubbed 'ahimsa' silk in our clothing.

Eri silk worms are allowed to grow and mature, build a cocoon and emerge from it, after which the cocoon is used to create yarn and spin the silk fabric. Unlike other forms of silk, the cocoon is broken as the worm leaves it, yielding a shorter yarn that gives eri its characteristic raw texture that is unlike any other type of silk fabric. Because of the yarn length, eri fabric is also substantially strong and durable, and does not wrinkle. It is known for its special property of being cooling in summer and warming in weather; a beautiful product that gets better with time.

An ancient fabric that naturally traps heat, and also one of the original sustainable materials, wool is naturally sourced, renewable and completely biodegradable.

Since animals are sheared once a year to procure their wool, they can grow it back and live a good quality life. The production process of wool involves low usage of water compared to other fabrics. Wool is also extremely durable, not only because of fewer washing cycles throughout its lifetime, but also because of the inherent strength of its fibers. We've all heard of, seen or owned woolen clothing that has been mended to perfection, and passed down for generations. Once it has lived out its life, wool decomposes without releasing any microplastics into the earth, and even releases nitrogen back into the soil as a healthy part of the carbon cycle.

Our blended fabrics combine the best properties of our natural, eco-friendly repertoire to create products that last for years together.

We offer blends with viscose (a fabric made of wood pulp with a smooth finish and beautiful drape), combining it with cotton, silk and linen to achieve a beautiful finish and absorbency. This also allows us to experiment with different techniques and textures and bring our customers newer and better products within the classic Manan offering. We always say, at Manan, fabric comes first, and we are proud to be a brand that practices responsible sourcing and production at every stage.

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