On the launch of Menswear by Manan, we are taking stock of our inspirations, personal history, working process and its influence on our very first collection, with Sid Ganeriwalla, our Chief Executive Officer.

Q&A with Sidhant Ganeriwalla

Q. What was the inspiration behind Menswear by Manan?

Our continued love and desire to explore the versatility of handwoven linen fabric inspires us to create new things. We knew there was a gap in the market when it came to well-made everyday comfort linen clothing for men. We have been in Khan Market for close to 20 years, and after regular requestes from our clientele over the last few years, we felt that now seemed like the perfect time to launch our menswear line. With this collection, we are bringing our signature use of craft, soft tailoring and timeless colours for men.

Q. What can you tell us about the first collection?

The collection embraces our philosophy that is centered around clothing that is easy-to-wear and trans-seasonal. Our maiden collection indulges the desire for wearability, while maintaining a recognizable style.

The colour palette in menswear can be limiting and saturated, and our signature colours will be a refreshing addition to any wardrobe. The colour palette includes neutral shades with bursts of vibrancy.

From soothing amber and blush to intense plums that are perfect for layering and pairing with your existing wardrobe. The focus was to offer the choicest selection of classic comfort dressing that can accompany you on all your daily engagements. We have a mix of casual shirts that one can wear every day: to work, to meet friends, family lunches.

Our occasion wear offerings are elegant and fuss-free in shades of pink and yellow. The kurtas are simple yet smart and ideal for intimate gatherings.

Q. What makes this collection most suitable for modern wardrobes

Our collection of long kurtas, henley shirts, and classic oxford button-downs are all wardrobe classics that will stay relevant forever.

We aim to encourage more people to find joy in their wardrobe and not throw away clothes after a few seasons but to continue to cherish them and to find new ways to wear them.

We have accentuated the versatility of these styles by adding unique woven touches and thoughtful details.The silhouettes are comfortable and easy-to-wear for hot and humid climates. Our clothes are the kind that a mindful and conscious client will want to own and wear multiple times.

Q. What makes Menswear by Manan the perfect companion to Manan Design, which is our womenswear line?

We are making clothes ‌one will wear and treasure, even years from now. I see Menswear by Manan through the lens of soft tailoring, clean lines, and textured details—something that is instantly associated with our womenswear line.

The collection is decidedly comfortable and uniquely styled in our minimalist yet definitive design sensibility.Made with the same attention to unique weaves that form the foundation of our brand. We have detailed our linen weaves with metallic yarns to add a touch of soft metallic sheen that uplifts the look.

We have planned a series of colourways that play on soft patterns of the weave to offer a dynamic selection for your wardrobe. Our offering this season includes soft summer stripes, gentle metallic linens and sorbet ombre effect shirts inspired by age-old tye-dye techniques.

Q. Why do we work with different craft traditions? How does it work, in practice?

Distinctive weaves have always been at the heart of our brand. Across the country, many arts of weaving and embroidery are slowly losing their relevance. We work with weavers and independent organizations to sustain and modernize these craft traditions.

We have always focused on introducing unique yet comfortable handwoven fabrics that are from different parts of the country. The designs are developed in the studio by our team. The process involves multiple meetings with the weavers to understand the challenges and limitations that new designs always bring and weaving can take anywhere between 90-120 days from start to finish.

It is an arduous process, but completely worth it. With each collection, we aim to introduce imaginative details in our weaves to distinguish the varied craft traditions of our country and to allow customers who wear them a chance to find joy in their wardrobes and inspire them to cherish these handmade textiles for longer.

Q. What is your favourite piece in the collection?

I would have to say that my favourite piece is the Haru Metallic Linen Kurta with metallic zari stripes. It comes in 2 colourways and is this ideal mix of practicality and a bit of fun.

While the timeless comfort of a linen kurta is undeniable, the dull patina details make it that extra special and something that allows you to stand our every time you put it on.

Q. On a concluding note, how will you describe Menswear by Manan in 3 words?

I would say the same thing that we say for every design made by us - menswear by Manan is timeless, wearable and handmade.

Our reverence for artistry in weaves and cuts continue with our maiden collection from Menswear by Manan. Discover our collection of languorous shirts, handwoven kurtas and tailored trousers online and in-store now.