Wide Sleeve Dresses

A Touch of Elegance: Manan Wide Sleeve Dress Collection

From the Manan Wide Sleeve Dress Collection, add a touch of refinement to your look. These designer dresses perfectly combine comfort and elegance since they were made with care and a thorough grasp of linen clothes. The fashionable broad sleeves give your outfit a feeling of elegance and mobility in addition to their distinctive flare. Each piece in this collection demonstrates Manan's dedication to high quality and classic design. Our women's linen wide sleeve dresses are the ideal option whether you're dressing up for a big occasion or looking for casual sophistication for your everyday clothing. Discover the world of women's linen dresses with Manan, and experience unparalleled elegance.

Wide Sleeve Dresses: Effortless Grace

Our Wide Sleeve Dress line embodies simple elegance in clothing. These chic dresses have broad sleeves that give your outfit a touch of elegance and flare and are meant to make a statement. Each dress in this collection is expertly crafted with attention to every little detail, embodying the ideal mix of fashion and comfort. Manan handcrafted linen wide sleeve dresses provide adaptability and a subtle air of glitz whether you're going to a formal function or just going out for a social gathering.

Redefine Your Style: Manan Unique Wide Sleeve Dresses

With Manan's unique wide sleeve dresses, up your style. These stylish clothes are more than simply articles of apparel; they're a platform for individual expression. Wide-sleeved dresses for women give you a feeling of fluidity and elegance that gives you the confidence to move with style. Our chic wide sleeve dress line offers a variety of alternatives to match your unique style, whether your taste tends towards basic colours or elaborate motifs. Discover how manan wide sleeve dresses may transform your wardrobe by stepping into the world of fashion with a touch of class.

Uncompromising Quality in Linen Attire

Manan is extremely proud of its continuous dedication to fine craftsmanship, especially in the area of linen clothes. This passion is evident in our women's wide sleeve dresses. For making these dresses that not only flow design but also provide unmatched comfort, linen, which is recognised for its breathability and comfort, is the perfect canvas. When you choose a handcrafted wide sleeve dress for women from Manan, you're choosing a style statement that embodies classic elegance and highlights your individual sense of fashion.

Pleated Dresses: Effortless Elegance

Manan Women's Pleated Dress Collection invites you to discover the world of classic elegance. The intricate pleating on these chic linen dresses, which pay homage to vintage style by giving the fabric depth and strength, is a design detail worth noting. Each of the pleated dress in this collection was expertly crafted and radiates class and refinement. The linen pleated dress is your go-to option for unfussy elegance whether you're attending a formal occasion or a casual get-together.

Wrap Dresses: Versatile Fashion

Our Wrap Dress is testament of its adaptability and classic elegance. With its adjustable fit and wrap style, it fits a variety of body shapes. These women's wrap dresses seamlessly go from the office to a soirée, from day to night. The chic wrap dress is your wardrobe's greatest friend because there are so many different colours and designs to pick from. Discover this wardrobe essential's simplicity and refinement.

A-Line Dresses: Classic Allure

Manan A-line Dresses have a timeless elegance. With classic styles that gently flow from the shoulders or waist, suiting a range of body forms, these stylish dresses improve your elegance and comfort. Handcrafted A-line dresses from the Manan collection enable you to exhibit your own style seamlessly in anything from casual daywear to stylish evening wear.

Sleeveless Dresses: Stylish and Cool

Sleeveless Dresses: Stylish and Cool linen sleeveless dress. These sleeveless outfits are created to keep you cool and fashionable, especially during the warmer seasons. You may discover the ideal dress for every occasion among a selection of sleeveless fashions, from casual to formal. With the Manan collection, discover the art of simplicity and beauty. Each dress in this collection embodies grace and uniqueness.


Manan's extensive clothing line captures the spirit of classic style. We have a variety of alternatives to fit any style, including attractive pleated dresses, adaptable wrap dresses, traditional A-line dresses, and chic sleeveless dresses. Find the ideal dress to highlight your own style while seamlessly fusing refinement and comfort.


Are wide sleeve dresses comfortable to wear in warm weather?

Yes, women wide sleeve dresses, especially those made from lightweight and breathable materials like linen, are perfect for warm weather. The flowy sleeves allow for air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable even on hot summer days.

Can wide sleeve dresses suit all body types?

Yes, wide sleeve dresses are known for their forgiving silhouette, making them suitable for various body types. They can create an illusion of length and add elegance to your overall look. Choosing the right length and style can help flatter your body shape.

Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available for Manan purchases?

Yes, Manan offers Cash on Delivery (COD) for your convenience. Simply pay in cash when your order is delivered to your doorstep. COD availability may vary by location; please check during checkout.

What type of fabric are Manan wide sleeve dresses made from?

Manan wide sleeve dresses are crafted from high-quality linen fabric, known for its breathability and comfort, making it the perfect choice for warm weather. Linen also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your attire, ensuring you look and feel great.