About Us

A passion for natural fabrics, beautiful silhouettes and intricate hand embroideries is what brought friends Madhavi Ganeriwalla, and Sioned Emerys together to create Manan in 2005. Manan meaning "to meditate" is about the elimination of excess, and celebrates beauty in subtle forms, natural hues and balanced outfits that make you stand out, yet fit you beautifully, so that they feel like a part of you. Each design is hand-made with exceptional detailing by highly skilled artisans that highlight our focus on luxury, quality and craftsmanship.

Madhavi has been designing clothing with a focus on natural fabrics and embroideries for over 40 years, and runs a successful export house as well. Sioned, a renowned designer from the UK, has spent the last 30 years between her hometown of Wales, and New Delhi, and loves combining Indian craftsmanship with her international sensibilities.

Over the years, Manan has made it's way across the globe to the US, Brazil, Aust ralia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, the UK and more! It has also been feat ured in various design magazines and has been a favourite of design icons and celebrities such as Dimple Kapadia, Neena Gupta, Mini Mathur, Mithu Sen and Neelam Pratap Rudy.

Our Philosophy

Manan's ethos is centered on the elimination of excess, the belief in mindful production and the respect for the artisans we work with. We care deeply about using natural fabrics and using age-old techniques of hand-embroidery to create garments that are sustainable and long-lasting. Over the years, Manan has thrived due to its focus on comfort, on attention to detail and on accessibility. We want to create designs that are wearable, relevant and become more durable over time.


We cut, embroider and sew all of our designs in our design studio in New Delhi. Each and every design is hand-crafted by a team of expert artisans to adhere to our expecting quality standards. Each collection concept begins with discussions over the natural fabrics to use, the type of silhouettes to cut and the type of embroideries to utilise, so that the collection is thoughtful and essential. Months are spent finalising classic silhouettes that are still modern and embroidery techniques that push our design boundaries, while ensuring that the collection stays true to our design ethos. Once the collection concepts are finalised, our expert "khakha masters" sketch each artwork by hand and our expert "adda karigaars" bring the sketches to life by embroidering them on fabric.

Our hope, with every collection, is to create beautiful wearable designs for our customers, while strengthening our focus on sustainability and celebrating our team of our expert artisans.


Our design ethos and ambitions are supported by strong manufacturing capabilities - a textile factory in Uttar Pradesh and multiple design units in New Delhi. Our team consists of over 60 experienced artisans, multiple fashion designers and sketching artists. Our strong design team is further supported by state-of-the-art embroidery and stitching machines that ensure consistent quality and timely delivery.

About Us