About Jamdani Handwoven Linen

Jamdani Linen by Manan is an exclusively curated collection of everyday clothing that has been thoughtfully designed in handwoven linen. A classic collection that blends tradition and modernity, Jamdani by Manan is a reimagined rendition of how the delicate weave meets our signature linen to create a refined yet accessible look. The collection has a range of garments that are relaxed, durable, elegant and easy to wear

The Inspiration

Our collection is inspired from the delicate works of the Jamdani - a weave style, originally from Bengal, that was elevated by the Mughal aristocracy. As an ode to this delicate weave technique from Bengal, we took the liberty to curate a unique fabric that intertwines these traditions with our signature 60 lea linen yarn and viscose yarn. The collection stands out because of the simplicity, colour and wearability of the outfits through the year. The multicoloured Jamdani pattern is hand-sketched and handwoven with the sole purpose to help you make a timeless style statement.

About Jamdani

Jamdani is also known as Dhakai or Daccai, named after the city of Dhaka - the main textile center of Bengal. Deriving its name from two words “jam” which in Persian means floral and “dani” which is a vase or container named after decorative floral patterns found in Dhakai Muslin. Artisans in Bengal and Bangladesh traditionally weave this vividly patterned textile in cotton, but we have imagined ours in our house favorite: hand-spun linen. It is a labor intensive and time consuming process - one that involves a highly skilled weaver to produce exquisite results. The collection is our version of this unique Bengal weave lending a sublime hand-feel to our summer staples. The linen fabric is breathable and weightless; and the silhouettes are tailored to beat the scorching summer. The nature-inspired palette of the outfits include muted hues like pale white, lace pink and clay natural.

Where To Wear?

The Jamdani Linen collection is thoughtfully curated to help you escape into the nostalgic world of bygone summer days with our comfortable dresses, dainty shirts, casual trousers, relaxed dresses and linen co-ord sets. Whether it's a summer time brunch, holiday in a coastal town, a day out with friends or simply a work from home kinda day, the Jamdani collection is a perfect balance of casual and smart. The detailed woven motifs, the fabric texture, the layers of intricacy and the muted colors make this collection ideal for all your summer looks.

Our Top Picks

With a timeless appeal, our top 2 picks let you transition effortlessly between work, occasion and relaxation. Our top picks include:

1. The Lee Hand-Embroidered Jamdani Top - Inspired from a Japanese silhouette tunic top with multi-coloured hand embroidered beadwork, The Lee Top is designed with bell sleeves, multicolored handwoven stripes and Jamdani motifs woven with metallic yarn. It's perfect for an afternoon out with friends.

2. The Sakura Jamdani Dress - Designed with a flattering low back and balloon sleeves, The Sakura handwoven linen dress makes a statement, while retaining our signature stamp of wearability.