About Manan & Its Journey

About Manan & Its Journey

Manan is a 30-year-old clothing and accessories brand founded on the core principles of timelessness, sustainability, craftsmanship and authenticity. Our aesthetic is clean and fuss-free, with natural hues and balanced silhouettes crafted from our unique handwoven fabrics that are especially made for each collection. A Manan piece is made to be cherished forever.

Our Journey

The brand was founded by Madhavi Ganeriwalla in 1992, at a time when functional and aesthetic clothing was a rare find in the ready-to-wear market. Thus, she introduced a fresh take on quality clothing for every day of the week. Through her passion to support local craftsmanship, Manan formed a model of working with craft clusters to produce unique handwoven fabrics for its collections. From then to now, we make timeless pieces that can be worn and repeated with enthusiasm for years to come.


Somethings never get old

We offer womenswear, menswear, dupattas and jewellery; all tied together by the ethos of slow, contemplative design. Our clothing comes in natural hues and soft silhouettes, crafted from handwoven fabrics that are especially made for each of our collections

Our clothing is created to be wearable and relevant through the seasons. Our kurta sets and separates embody a modern Indian aesthetic that works beautifully anywhere in the world. Co-ord sets are loved for the value they offer: fabrics to love lifelong in styles that can be worn together, or combined with favourites from your wardrobe. Our shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets and dupattas allow for endless combinations to express the wearer’s unique style.

Our accessories embody the raw, handmade beauty of semi-precious stones set on 18-karat gold-plated brass. Lightweight and versatile, electroplated for a lasting finish, and made in nature-inspired forms, jewellery by Manan is made to reflect your personal style.

Our products possess an intergenerational appeal, allowing each piece of clothing or jewellery to be uniquely worn by members of a household. This approach not only highlights the timeless nature of our designs but also fosters a sense of connection and shared heritage among our customers.


Sustainability and environmental responsibility are integral to our ethos.

Fabrics and techniques

As a fabric-forward company our textiles are at the core of all that we do, from experimentation with yarns and weaving techniques, to hand embroideries and detailed finishing. Our fabrics are woven by seasoned weavers across the Indian states of Bihar, Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh, all known for their local weaving techniques and design traditions. In a unique bottom-up approach, the designs and patterns of our fabrics dictate our cuts and silhouettes in order to highlight the beauty of the textiles.


We are known for our signature linens that become softer with each wash and more beautiful over time, eventually going back to the earth once its life is worn out. Other earth-friendly materials also include eri silk, also dubbed 'ahimsa' silk known for its texture, strength and temperature-regulating properties. Our fabric blends feature viscose (made of wood pulp) in combination with cotton, silk or linen to achieve a beautiful, functional and long-lasting product. Yarn-dyed fabrics ensure that there is minimal usage of bleach and other chemicals. Another advantage is the ability to introduce subtle changes in colour through differently shaded yarns. Fabrics have soft, heather-like colouration and an even dye penetration which does not change with time.

Head to our fabric page to read more about the materials we work with.

Head to our fabric page to read more about the materials we work with.


Our packaging materials are thoughtfully chosen to minimise environmental impact. We utilise boxes made of recycled paper and incorporate corn starch-based paper for wrapping items. This innovative material is derived from renewable resources and offers a sustainable alternative to plastic wrapping. We ensure that our packaging is not only environmentally friendly but also breaks down naturally over time, leaving behind minimal impact on the planet.

By embracing eco-friendly packaging, we aim to deliver our products to our customers while minimising harm to the environment and fostering a greener future for generations to come.


Our people are at the core of what we do.

Making thoughtful collections with a strong ethical backbone is important to us. As an integral part of our organisation, our artisans are provided stable employment and fair wages. Many have been part of our team for decades, adding their expert opinion to ensure that each fabric we create is a masterpiece. We actively seek and incorporate their input, fostering a collaborative environment where their voices are heard and respected. This approach not only empowers our weavers but also results in fabrics that embody their passion, dedication, and skill.


Embracing authenticity through our values

As a family-run and value-led company founded 30 years ago, authenticity is deeply ingrained in us. We prioritise integrity, craftsmanship, and personal relationships, ensuring that every product reflects our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Our family heritage inspires us to create with passion, and our shared values guide us in nurturing meaningful connections with our customers.

Our golden rule: we don't design anything we wouldn't make a part of our own wardrobes. This helps us cut down on excess, and is in line with our integrative system of creation. To fine-tune our fits and make them widely functional, we try each design on team members representing different body shapes and heights. Our collections are designed in an open environment where we encourage teammates to share their opinions through the whole process.

Our stores serve as an extension of our brand's authenticity and embody our slow, contemplative style of designing. Much like our products, our stores feature natural materials and finishes, providing a serene and inviting atmosphere. With ample space for exploration, visitors are invited to engage with our products at their own pace

A unique feature of our stores is the seasonal transformation of their interior and exterior colours, aligning with the theme of our collections. This deliberate attention to detail ensures that every visit is an immersive experience, where customers can witness our brand's evolution firsthand. The raw and minimal aesthetics, along with textured and open surfaces, spark exploration and curiosity.