Chai & Chatter : Behind the scenes with Payal & Chandan

Chai & Chatter : Behind the scenes with Payal & Chandan

Chai & Chatter:

Behind the scenes with Payal And Chandan

To look into the inner working at Manan through the eyes of our team members, we sat down with Payal and Chandan from our operations team.In this interview, they share their experiences working for Manan as well as their personal favourites from our collections.

Q. What is your role at Manan?

Payal: As a Merchandiser, my work is to streamline online orders, have products made to the correct specifications and sent out as per schedule, and oversee our alteration service at the Khan Market store.

Chandan: I am a Merchandiser at Manan, overseeing operations, processing orders and payments, and making sure customers receive their deliveries on time. More than anything else, my focus is on quality, so that our customers get the best.

Q. Walk us through a typical day at work.

Payal: My typical day involves following up on all orders, first with our master tailor to make sure they are being made as per request, then tying up different processes such as sourcing fabrics and creating timelines for order fulfilment. In between, I hang around with my colleagues at tea time.

Chandan: We get at least 40-50 orders a day. The ordered products are finished, quality checked, packed, and finally sent out to our customers. It is a challenge to manage all these tasks in a day, but that is when teamwork pays off––our team is great and together we are able to do it all.

Q. And a typical day off work?

Payal: Since I am a new mother, my favourite part of the day is to spend time with my baby once I go home.

Chandan: On my days off, I take it easy. I spend time with my children because most evenings they are asleep by the time I get home. I'll also help around the house; it makes my wife happy!

Q. What do you most love about working at Manan?

Payal: As an employee at Manan for the past 4 years, what I like the most about working here is the positive environment and supportive seniors as well as the appreciation I get for my hard work.

Chandan: What I like the most about working at Manan is that whenever a team member is stuck, everyone else pitches in to help so that work does not stop. That's how we make ourselves capable of delivering quality products on time.

Q. What other team(s) do you work most closely with?

Payal: Since all our products are made on order, i work most closely with the master tailor and other in house artisans. i also liaise with the design team to ensure all materials such as fabrics and buttons are available, and other details are streamlined.

Chandan: Besides Our online shop, we also work closely with stores like Collage, Story of india and Anonym. it is process that i enjoy as i get to interact with other stores and understand why our products do well.

Q.What is your favourite Manan silhouette?

Payal: My favourite silhouette is the Sakura Botanical linen kurta set i fern from the raya collection.

Chandan: My favourite garment from Manan is the Aamir Metallic Kurta set because it has a festive look, and can be worn for any sort of function.

Q. If there was a Manan outfit you could wear all day, what would it be?

Payal: I love our new Raya collection. The Rina botanical kurta set is a look from this collection that I can wear all day.

Chandan: While all Manan outfits are great, if I had to choose something to wear, it would be two pieces from our Perennials collection. The Sid Linen Kurta in off-white and Kona Classic Linen Pant in charcoal.