Explore Madras Modern - Checks, Stripes and Florals

Explore Madras Modern - Checks, Stripes and Florals

Madras Modern

Inspired by the lungi, an unstitched garment draped across the lower body akin to a sarong, Madras Modern pays homage to the cultural iconography and practical ingenuity of this traditional piece of clothing. A staple in southern India, the lungi is celebrated for its breathability, allowing wearers to move freely, and navigate the hot and humid climate with ease.

As a fabric-forward brand, we weave fabrics by hand in our craft clusters, embodying a commitment to craftsmanship and authenticity. While the traditional lungi is traditionally woven in cotton, Madras Modern introduces a contemporary twist by blending linen into the signature weave. This enhances the fabric's breathability and adds a softness to the garments.

In our SS’24 collection, colors play a pivotal role in the narrative – unlike the hues of typical lungis, our soft color palette is chosen deliberately, allowing wearers to effortlessly incorporate the check pattern into their daily lives, be it at work or social gatherings. Rather than a bold statement, our checks make a soft, minimal impression. Juxtaposed with solid fabrics, the checks create a subtle and elegant contrast. Sometimes all over the body, and at others, as delicate borders running along a garment.

Another distinctive element is our hand-painted prints. With a watercolor quality, these prints create a soft blur that mimics the gentle bleed of color in the original Madras check fabric. Depicting small pollinating flowers, animals, and insects from the Deccan, these prints create a harmonious interplay with the checks.

Our commitment to craftsmanship extends beyond the weave to various intricate details – weighty mother of pearl buttons with a natural sheen, and a jaali mesh stitch that introduces both texture and color. These handmade techniques bridge the past and present, paying homage to a bygone era while adding to the contemporary appeal of Madras Modern.

Every silhouette is designed with comfort and versatility, with a special emphasis on timelessness and quality that appeals generation after generation. From shirts and kurtas to pants, dresses, and overlays, each piece is crafted with day-long ease in mind. The silhouettes are both uncomplicated and thoughtful, with a practicality that lets wearers move from work desk to drinks with friends. Sleeveless styles can be paired with optional light overlays for sun-soaked comfort. Tailored shirts provide structure for formal occasions, while relaxed tops offer effortless ease for casual get-togethers. Versatile dresses provide the option to cinch or leave loose, accommodating individual preferences. Crafted for warm weather, adjustable silhouettes like tops with drawstrings, wrap dresses, and buttoned dresses with a gentle elasticated back make wearing the clothing joyful and easy.

As a living chronicle of cultural exchange and historical significance, the story of the Madras check is not confined by geographical borders. Its global popularity transcends cultural contexts, making it a totemic commodity even among the Kalabari tribe in Nigeria. Versatile and deeply rooted in tradition, the fabric finds new life in contemporary silhouettes and timeless colours.Explore Madras Modern in our stores.