Preserving India’s Cultural Heritage with Shivani Dogra

Preserving India’s Cultural Heritage with Shivani Dogra

Shivani Dogra has a knack for breathing new life into spaces. Through her sensitive restorations and inventive use of color, texture, and natural materials, Dogra transforms aging structures and empty areas into unique, intimate, and richly textured spaces that capture the spirit of Indian cultural traditions.

A multi-disciplinary designer, Dogra forges close collaborations with skilled craftspeople, drawing inspiration from their timeless techniques to develop one-of-a-kind living environments of subtle luxury. Rather than imposing her singular vision, Dogra curates her clients' eclectic collections into harmonious works of art, respecting the heritage pieces that have been passed through generations.

With a discerning eye, Dogra arranges treasured paintings, sculptures, and furnishings into elegant compositions that evoke memories. Her designs blend traditional Indian influences with organic elements to imbue interiors with a relaxed sophistication balancing beauty with functionality. Whether restoring long-occupied family homes or envisioning layouts for new spaces, her creative repurposing of materials and mastery of refined detail is evident in all she does.

As a long-time patron of the clothing brand Manan, Shivani has played a significant role in supporting and promoting the brand's vision for sustainable, ethically-made clothing. In this interview, we will delve into her creative process, her passion for beauty and harmony, and her dedication to preserving India's rich cultural heritage through her work.

Q- Your work is very much rooted in tradition, and grows from there in a modern spin that works in today’s world. Do you have a similar outlook when it comes to dressing up as well?

Q- What do you like to wear on a typical day, say at the studio, and then if perhaps you’re heading out to see a friend? Would you wear something versatile that can transition from day to evening?

Q- Are you fond of wearing natural fabrics, and if yes, which fabrics do you prefer?

Q- Why do you think it is important to preserve heritage-both of textiles and of architecture/interiors?

Q- What do you like about clothing by Manan?

I particularly like the way Manan clothing falls against the body, as well as its suitability for tropical weather. I also like that it is subtle in style and colour, yet thoughtful and detailed in the way it is created.

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