Our newest collection is here. Designed for festivities, celebrations and beyond, Zaha weaves together tradition, craftsmanship, and the timelessness of handmade artistry. Rustic, nomadic-inspired textural beauty intertwines seamlessly with modern-day elegance

Inspired by

Banjara Beadwork & Textured Materials

Zaha's journey begins with a deep dive into history, drawing inspiration from the ancient and intricate artistry of beadwork. This age-old form of expression on textiles is reimagined for the modern-day woman's wardrobe; a tribute to those who cherish tradition while embracing modernity.

The art of beadwork is central to Zaha’s ethos. Mixed material textured beadwork is a labor of love, inspired by the rich heritage of nomadic societies. Each piece bears witness to painstaking attention to detail, where a mosaic of colorful beads, metal sequins, and brass metal buttons in varying finishes adorns the fabric. Look closely, and you'll discover hidden embroidery and sequin work, sometimes concealed in corners, adding an extra layer of charm to the garments. The result is an effortlessly beautiful finish that celebrates the organic allure of the handmade. In keeping with the collection's rustic theme, the beads are deliberately uneven in size. These variations enhance the grounded, authentic look that defines Zaha's overall aesthetic.

Zaha goes beyond mere homage; as a uniquely created handloom fabric for this collection, fine pure linen meets pure metallic yarn, bringing in a subtle sheen to the garments. This combination imparts each ensemble with an inherent special quality, and a touch of shimmer—an ideal choice for dinner parties, evenings out, and a myriad of occasions throughout the year.

Weaving Magic Through

Fabric And Colour

Zaha's color palette is centered around evening, with black and lavender tones taking center stage. Versatile and sophisticated, these hues can be dressed up or down, fitting seamlessly into any social occasion. The colours come alive with the embellishments of beads, floral motif embroidery, brass metal buttons, and metallic yarns that delicately catch the light.

 Cyra Hand-Embroidered Kurta Set - Lavender
Afra Hand-Embroidered Kurta - Black

The use of pink pop-colored selvedge is not just reserved for borders but also daringly cuts through the middle of a panel on a shirt, adding a touch of playful eccentricity to the ensemble. The embroidered threads used in the collection are a melange of bright and deep shades, reminiscent of banjara influences where vibrant contrasts meet deeper background tones.

An eclectic aesthetic resonates through the collection, brought to life by the beadwork, natural fabrics, and a variety of thoughtful silhouettes. Zaha has everything from statement hand-embroidered kurtas imbued with detail, metallic linen shirts with brass buttons, tapered and palazzo pants for work and play, to feminine wrap dresses and cowl neck details that impart both structure and flow. The cuts traverse the line between experimental and classic, youthful and timeless. Zaha's creations are wearable and versatile, making them suitable for a range of occasions: from intimate gatherings bathed in the warm glow of candles, to elegant dinner parties and festive celebrations.

Afra Hand-Embroidered Kurta - Lavender
Ahana Metallic Linen Dress - Black

Add your own custom content to give more information about your store, availability details...In Zaha, you'll find a collection that weaves stories, memories, and timelessness into every thread, fiber and bead. An invitation to celebrate  tradition and the beauty of craftsmanship. Here are a few pieces that capture the spirit of the collection.

Afra Hand Embroidered Kurta

One example of this is the beaded kurta made in linen with a handwoven zari border. The Afra Kurta has beaded bands running across the neckline and thinner bands on the arm, creating a stunning visual effect inspired by nomadic forms, where beads are used to create intricate textured designs and patterns. Truth be told, this kurta is like an statement in itself––a great option for a festive evening get-together made even more beautiful when paired with an heirloom jewellery piece.

Zaina Metallic Wrap Dress

For more casual days, a wrap dress is both feminine and functional. The a-line silhouette is both flattering and forgiving–easy to move in all day long. The dress features balloon sleeves with elasticated details, a wrap sash at the waist, and a fabric that is a combination of soft handwoven linen with a metallic border. Shimmering zari adds an element of glamour to the dress, making it perfect for both casual and formal occasions. The amethyst color complements the natural beauty of the wearer's skin, while the black colourway of the same style evokes a sense of midnight wonder. Pair it with a headband, sandals and a straw bag for a day out. 

Cyra Floral Embroidered Kurta

Another piece that showcases the beauty of beads is this kurta with bold floral motifs across the body. The beads create a three-dimensional effect, with the flowers standing out from the fabric; nearly life-like. The kurta is inspired by the rustic charm of life in the countryside, where wild and untamed blooms adorn the fields. The metallic border and pink selvedge create a gorgeous contrast–this statement piece can be paired with pearl beaded jewellery to further enhance your look.

Zaha Metallic Linen Shirt

This shirt is a perfect example of how Zaha combines the traditional and the contemporary to create a stunning piece of clothing. The metallic zari, black linen and pink selvedge are used in a playful way to create a modern shirt for work or play. This shirt can be dressed up or down and accessorised to fit any mood, from a work meeting to a casual brunch or a night out, this is the day-to-night transitional piece all women need.

Mio Pintuck Co-ord Set

This button-down shirt and palazzo set is crafted in handwoven natural linen, exuding simplicity and understated elegance. It’s all about the details here––pintucks run across the front of the shirt, small brass buttons add a touch of quirkiness, while the pink selvedge on the sleeve and button placket provides a subtle pop of color. A dramatic flare on the palazzos brings in the element of movement and flow. Designed with an Asian-inspired aesthetic, this set is perfect for work days followed by evenings out with girlfriends.

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Zaha weaves stories in clothing through beads and metallic linens.

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Zaha - Stories Told In Weaves

Zaha - Stories Told In Weaves