Our People Make Us Who We Are

Our People Make Us Who We Are

Our people

make us who we are

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on our design team––the creative minds who turn our unique fabrics into silhouettes that further enhance them, and give the Manan aesthetic a tangible form. If you love our timeless, wearable pieces, and if you cherish the way they work across occasions and generations, it is because of our designers. We had a chat with Smruti and Vidush over a cup of tea, to bring you an insight of the inner workings of Manan.

Smruti and Vidush

over a cup of tea

Q: What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Smruti: A typical workday begins with a review of design briefs. Following that, I collaborate with my team to brainstorm ideas and create initial sketches. My colleagues and I discuss how to translate these concepts into practical designs, ensuring efficient use of fabric to enhance its features. Our master tailor is always consulted for his additional input on implementation. And of course, I sit in meetings to discuss progress on all our ongoing projects and collections.

Vidush: We kick off the day by reviewing ongoing sampling work, planning our next steps or getting into some interesting research. After a short chai break, we work with Masterji, either on new samples or modifying existing ones. Everyday, we will also sit down with the founders to discuss progress of the current collection. Post lunch, we’re back in action supervising the hand embroiderers, stitching of the garments, and making changes as it goes. We do love our chai, so after an evening tea break , we finalise the garments to be put into process the next day.

Q: How do you balance creativity with practicality when it comes to designing clothes?

Smruti: It’s essential to be able to balance the two––incorporating creativity into my designs while considering factors like comfort, and functionality. Regular communication with the other designers and feedback from the team definitely helps strike the right balance between creative expression and practicality.

Vidush: Our founder Madhavi Ganeriwalla has been in the industry for atleast three decades. Her experience provides a practical perspective while also pushing boundaries. An understanding of the human body and the comfort of dressing well is something we always keep in mind, and our own experiences and opinions are always welcome, creating a well-rounded process of designing.

Q: As a creator, how would you describe the Manan aesthetic?

Smruti: The Manan aesthetic can be described as a harmonious blend of contemporary and classic elements. It stands out through attention to detail, and a focus on timeless style. Manan creates clothing that not only looks great but also stands the test of time in terms of both design and quali

Vidush: We keep comfort in mind, while also being classic. We like to keep evolving, as change is the only constant in life. It’s everything from soft pastels with florals to vintage-inspired traditional costumes that make a bold statement––I would describe our aesthetic as very eclectic.